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This is like a personal blog/journal that I keep. It will help you know what is going on.


February 13th, 2018: I just got myself a new Wacom Intuos Art tablet today so I will be busy using that for a while. More updates are coming and I plan to update more often. -Vix

January 31st, 2018: First update for the new year. Sorry if it's late, but this has been a busy year so far. The resolution will be that I will update this website more frequently. All the pages will be finished soon and the site will be back in track. I am also very sorry if this has been taking so long over a few years, but thank you for being patient. More updates are coming and I plan on updating more often now on.  -Vix




The fox paw used as the website's icon is drawn and designed by me.




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