It is important to have a FAQ because it helps everyone know the answers to frequently asked questions. I enjoy writing FAQs myself, so I decided to write one for my own web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you update the website?
A: I try to update my site more often than usual, but the thing is that I often spend most of my time drawing, playing video games and reading. I update it once a month at the least. Back in the 1990's and early 2000's, my parents were the ones that updated my old site, but now that I have my own domain since 2008, it is my job to update my own site now. No offense, but I'm a strong adult who takes good care of myself, and I want to make sure everything is okay.

Q: May I use your artwork?
A: Yes you can, as long as it's positive and as long as you give me credit by saying VixDojo as the source material or 'drawn by Vix' or 'courtesy of VixDojo' and that I am the artist who drew all the pictures on my site (this means do not claim as your own. I don't like it when people steal art from others and claim them as their own, that is not right), because, after all, I am the one who drew my artwork, no one else. I would never steal other peoples' art to be honest, and all the art you see on VixDojo are all 100% drawn by me.

Q: May I draw your characters from your series, Norm Breaker?
A: As long as you don't draw erotic art, then yes. I'm aware of the whole "rules of the Internet" meme and I'm never going to let that happen to me. The Norm Breaker series characters are created by myself, and I tend to be protective of my own copyrights, you know how serious I am. And most importantly, the "characters" found in my Vix art gallery are me and my family members in art form so they're caricatures of us, so these caricatures are the same people as our real-life selves. I will be very angry and upset if someone drew erotic art of me, and I want to make sure it never happens, not even once. I'm Asexual and I can't have children, to be honest. You can draw fanart of my characters, for example, as long as it's nice and as long as you give me credit (this means do not steal).

Q: Do you take art requests?
A: I'm able to take requests if you want me to. I can draw pretty much everything. Let it be fictional characters, food, plants, animals, objects, things that I like, things that I dislike, etc. you name it. I'm an experienced artist, so I'm capable of drawing anything.

Q: What programs do you use to draw art?
A: I draw on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil. Then I scan my drawing with a scanner and often use Adobe Photoshop CC to color. I often use a mouse or tablet to draw and color my work.

Norm Breaker FAQ (under construction)

Art of Vix and her family FAQ

Q: Where did you come up with your alias (VixDojo)?
A: I got the alias 'Vix' because it sounds similar to the word of my most favorite animal, the fox, and could be short for 'victory'. I like foxes because they're sneaky and clever (And possibly because of video games). I often like to see Vix as a parallel to Fox McCloud, as both are main protagonists of their respective series. Vix is the creator of Vix/Dojo while Fox McCloud is the main protagonist of Star Fox. Both of them are around the same height and age group. And both of them are leaders. As you can tell, I am a Star Fox fan and I thought it would be cool.

Q: Why do you draw yourself and your family as anthropomorphic animals?
A: Because that is who we are, despite the fact that everyone is a human in real-life. We chose to be those animals because, it's a long story, when I was young, I used to ask my family "Which animal or species do you want to be? I'm a fox." and they all gave me answers to my question on what they want to be. We may look like people in the real-life photographs we take with the camera, but in the art and animation side of things, me and my family are these anthropomorphic animals. I'm a fox, my mom is a hummingbird, my dad is a bear, my two older sisters are a lioness and a poodle, respectively. These are the one and only official persona for each of us. Anthropomorphic animals are animal characters with human-like characteristics, such as standing on two legs instead of four, and the ability to speak and wear human clothes. As a rule, me and my family cannot be anything other then these animals I draw us as, because we were born as these animals, we will always be these animals. I also don't want anyone drawing me and my family members as humans either unless I say so (We may all be humans in real-life, but as far as the fictional world goes, we have our anthro personas as seen in my art, and that is it). Having a persona or alias is fun because it unleashes your inner power or whatever the heck else you can think of, or you just want to keep your real name private for security reasons. Either way, it works.
What we have to remember is that we were born as humans that turned into anthropomorphic animals by some kind of power of our own, and that anthropomorphic animals have a few differences from real-life animals.

Q: Since you (Vix) and your family are animals, then what animal/species am I?
A: Even though we're all human in real-life, you can be whatever you want to be. It doesn't always have to be an animal. You can be a human, or an animal, or some alien, or your persona from a MMORPG game that you play, or whatever race or species you see that you want. As soon as you finally decided on what you want to be, or what your persona or alias is, or what you draw yourself as: Remember that you were born as that species, so this means you will always be that species. Having multiple personas is confusing, so it's better to decide that only one persona will be your true/official one. Famous celebrities, on the other hand, are always humans (since media always portray them as humans).

Original art FAQ (under construction)

FanArt FAQ:

Q: Why do you draw video game fanart?
A: The thing is that I have enjoyed playing video games ever since when I was a child. I rather play video games as opposed to watching TV (It is a long story). Since I'm a talented artist myself, I want to find a way to keep gaming's reputation alive. It is hard to find nice pictures of certain series or characters on the Internet these days, as some people write bad fanfiction or draw bad fanart of them, and that is just depressing (The Sonic fandom is the worst when it comes to this). In order to save gaming's reputation, I decide to draw my own video game fanart to outshine those who disagree. Whenever I draw video game fanart I want it to stay true to the real storylines found in the actual video games themselves. It's always good to respect the creators and owners of those properties, because video game characters and franchises are copyrighted material and it's better to stay out of trouble and like/accept the games and characters for what they are. Not to worry, because whenever I draw fanart I always respect copyrights. Let's say I draw a picture of a Sonic character, for example: It will say "Sonic (C) Sega" meaning that said character is not owned/made by me. If I end up getting any 'cease and desist' letters from any company in the future, then I will take my fanart gallery off in case that happens, but not to worry because I always know how to stay out of trouble (Trust me, I would never do anything illegal). I still enjoy drawing fanart as much as I do with original art. All of the fanart on VixDojo is drawn by me and I never steal anyone's art so you shouldn't worry about me or what I do or draw. I may look at an official art for a reference, but I never trace anything. I just draw well while looking at references. I am good about these things, so this is not something to worry about.



"Vix" is an acronym of 'Victorious', 'Intellectual', 'Xylo". Has nothing to do with 'vixen'.





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